best minimalist clothing brands for men

Best Minimalist Clothing Brands for Men

During your path of becoming a minimalist, you will understand buying clothes seems to be a more complicated task as the industry evolves, especially for those who have specific tastes. Most brands always go hand-in-hand with fashion tendencies no matter what they are, and that is something that can become upsetting when we don’t identify with the tendencies of the year. Luckily, some brands follow the same patterns throughout the years, not adhering to ephemeral fashion tendencies.

In this article, we put together a list that helps men with the complex task of shopping for clothes. The menswear brands on this list stick to the minimalist features of fashion, cutting away excess color, patterns, and prints. They sell only clothes based on the minimalist simplicity that conveys elegance and confidence.

The best minimalist clothing brands for men you definitely must be familiar with are the following:

James Perse

best minimalist clothing brands for men

This L.A. based brand combines the basics with the leisurely aesthetic of the West Coast.
Here you’ll find clothes for all occasions. With a wide range of basics, James Perse’s clothes give you a sophisticated, smart-casual look. Plus, a trip to their stores is a treat for the eyes, as they are beautifully designed.
Perse’s clothes aren’t for any wallet so be ready to spend a considerable amount of money when shopping here.


best minimalist clothing brands for men

A.P.C was founded in 1987, in Paris, by Jean Touitou. Amid the rapid fashion transformations in the industry, A.P.C. chose to stick with the basics that never go out of fashion and always please everyone by their simplicity.
A.P.C is acclaimed for the excellent quality of its products, but with high quality comes high prices.

ACNE Studios

best minimalist clothing brands for men

ACNE – short for Ambition to Create Novel Expressions – Studios is a Swedish brand founded in 1997. Here, we have a mix of minimalism and Scandinavian aesthetics. ACNE Studio’s style is functional and simple, betting on clean, basic pieces. It’s stripped of brand logos and undecipherable visuals.

They are most known for their jeans, but the offer includes tees, shirts, jackets, and so on.

The clothes are expensive, but the quality is worth every penny.

Norse Projects

best minimalist clothing brands for men

This project started in Copenhagen, Denmark, as a retail shopfront. In 2009, it bet in design. According to the responsible for the brand, the goal of Norse Projects is to articulate nature, simplicity, and functionality with the best features of minimalism.

Their clothing is a constant reminder of their Danish roots. They leave out the industry’s tendencies and create their clothing mostly with natural materials and always an edge of Scandinavian characteristics that translate into sophistication and coolness.

Norse Projects’ products are somewhat expensive.

AS Colour

best minimalist clothing brands for men

The Australian brand AS Color wants to provide you with the basics. The brand focuses on plain tees, hoodies, sweats, and pants. Their products are very much known for their enduring wearability. Moreover, the brand is affordable for the average person.


best minimalist clothing brands for men

The Seoul-based founders of Wooyoungmi focus on creating a different brand. Keeping the minimalist feature on their staples, this brand worked on an experimental approach that has been working quite well since 2002. The Korea Herald wrote that “Wooyoungmi has become the most successful Korean independent menswear designer brand. Wooyoungmi’s products rely on dark palettes and elegant prints that can be worn especially in formal events without looking like you put an enormous amount of effort into getting ready.

Wooyoungmi’s products are expensive, so if you’re interested in buying there, be ready to spend a good amount of money.


best minimalist clothing brands for men

Alexandre Mattiussi’s brand AMI has one particular goal: to simplify menswear. Contrarily to the high-street apparel presented in shows, Mattiussi intends to create simple combinations that help declutter men’s wardrobes. To do so, AMI offers basics for men who prefer comfortable staples like hoodies and tees but want to still look elegant. These products come in neutral color palettes – black, white, mocha, camel, and so on.


best minimalist clothing brands for men

Uniqlo really is, by far, one of the best minimalist clothing brands for men out there. The brand is Japanese (insert gentle reminder that minimalism is essentially a Japanese movement) and was founded in 2007. Uniqlo broke down menswear to basics as to create sophisticated but simplified outfits. In Uniqlo, you find both blazers and trousers to wear in formal events and tees and jeans for a more casual look.

The brand keeps growing not only because of its diverse offer but also because it’s incredibly affordable. Furthermore, the price-quality ratio is great.

It’s relevant to mention that there seem to be a few problems with online shopping, according to a few customers. However, the reviews on physical stores are quite impressive.


best minimalist clothing brands for men

Håndværk presents itself as a specialist label creating luxury essentials ethically crafted with an unwavering commitment to exceptional quality. This brand produces contemporary basics that shout elegance and sophistication in color palettes of dark blue, grey, and camel. They put an emphasis on the quality of their products, which is why their prices are rather high.

Reigning Champ

best minimalist clothing brands for men

Comfort and construction are primary concerns for Vancouver-based label Reigning Champ. Launched in 2007, the company has become a force in the world of premium athletic clothes. Made of first-rate fabrics, Reigning Champ hoodies and sweatshirts are all-star items in the collection, which is rounded out by simply designed zip jackets, men’s tank tops, and other sports-infused staples.

Their items are a bit pricey, but keep your eye on their sales and you might just get a great quality product for a great price.


best minimalist clothing brands for men

Theory is yet another brand that refuses to engage in fast fashion. Founded in 1997, in New York, Theory offers basic items like jeans, pants, polos, and sweaters centered on simplicity.

This brand may not be ideal to be an introduction to minimalism since their staples are sold at high prices, but they are definitely worth the attention.


best minimalist clothing brands for men

COS creates modern styles that are meant to last beyond the season. Their items go from knitwear and trousers to coats and shoes. These are a chic-casual that make you look good in several different social occasions. COS’s pieces are available in many colors, mainly in palettes of black, charcoal, mocha, grey, and white.

Their clothes are slightly expensive, but not the breathtaking kind of expensive.


best minimalist clothing brands for men

MUJI was founded in Japan in 1980 as an antithesis to the consumerist habits of society at that time. MUJI was conceived to reinstate a perspective of products that are useful for the customer. Muji emphasizes, thus, the relationship between living and the objects that are necessary to live. The concept was born of the intersection of two distinct stances: no brand (Mujirushi) and the value of good items (ryohin).

MUJI is grounded on eliminating excess and is closely connected to the traditionally Japanese aesthetic of plain. Their items are simple, in shades of white, charcoal, and grey, and are extremely accessible.


best minimalist clothing brands for men

Everlane is an American clothing retailer that sells primarily online

Everlane is a proud brand that alleges to work on strong relationships with factory owners, to produce pieces that are designed to last, and to be radically transparent regarding the costs behind their products. It is also a brand that is very environmentally aware in face of the climate crisis.

Their items are modern and minimalist, centered on neutral palettes, and affordable.


best minimalist clothing brands for men

It was established in 1860 – the oldest we’ve addressed in the article. Sunspel produces T-shirts, polos, and other clothes with their British twist. Thomas Hill, the founder of the brand, envisioned to create simple, everyday clothing from beautiful fabrics. This continues to be the Sunspel philosophy to this day.

The brand sells tops and bottoms, from t-shirts, shirts, and trousers to swimwear, shoes, and accessories. Their pieces are mainly plain and in palettes of grey, charcoal, camel, mocha, and white.

The prices are high, nonetheless. It is, after all, a luxury brand.

Officine Générale

best minimalist clothing brands for men

Officine Générale is a French men’s and women’s clothing brand founded by Pierre Mahéo. The brand is based in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Paris, and uses French, British and Italian fabrics.

Officine Générale is known for mixing fine tailoring with a simple, minimalist Parisian style. It’s distinct in the way it treats basics: with a more experimental and fashionable view.

The brand produces mainly tonal outfits in shades of white, grey, charcoal, and black. Their items are sophisticated and charming. However, the pieces are sold at very high prices.

Rag & Bone

best minimalist clothing brands for men

From its origins in New York in 2002, Rag & Bone distinguished itself by combining British heritage with directional, modern design. Today, the brand produces clothing that combines classic tailoring with an effortless and New York-urban style.

The brand’s denim is a favorite among the street style set, according to several customers. But the brand’s basics such as shirts, shorts, and coats shouldn’t be missed.

Despite the stylish look of Rag & Bone outfits, the clothes are expensive.

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