minimalist clothing brands for women

Best Minimalist Clothing Brands for Women

Buying clothes is getting more difficult as the industry evolves, especially for those who have specific tastes and those who don’t like wasting too much time shopping for clothes. Most brands adhere to every single fashion tendency, no matter what they are, and that is something that can become upsetting when we don’t identify with the tendencies of the year. Luckily, some brands follow the same patterns throughout the years, refusing to keep up with fleeting fashion tendencies.

In addition to the problem of fads, many of us are gradually becoming more conscious about the issues of fast fashion and what it’s doing to the planet.

We put together a list that helps women with the complicated mission of shopping for clothes. The womenswear brands on this list stick to the minimalist features of fashion, cutting away excess color, patterns, and prints. There isn’t the necessity to live by old and odd-fashioned “rules” that dictate that a woman’s clothing should be complicated. They sell only clothes based on the minimalist simplicity that conveys sophistication and confidence. Moreover, the majority of these brands are also sustainable, meaning that you’re not only making shopping for clothes easier, you’re also being environmentally responsible.

Some of these brands also include a men section, but if you want to check more brands focusing on men fashion you can read our post here.

The best minimalist clothing brands for women you definitely must be familiar with are, thus, the following: 

Minimalist Clothing Brands for Women


best minimalist clothing brands for women

Everlane is an American clothing retailer that sells primarily online.

Everlane is a proud brand that alleges to work on strong relationships with factory owners, to produce pieces that are designed to last, and to be radically transparent regarding the costs behind their products. It is also a brand that is very environmentally aware in face of the climate crisis. 

Their items are modern and minimalist, centered on neutral palettes, and affordable. 


best minimalist clothing brands for women

COS creates modern styles that are meant to last beyond the season, lasting a lifetime in the wardrobe. Their items go from knitwear and trousers to coats and shoes. These are a chic-casual that make you look good in several different social occasions. COS’s pieces are available in many colors, mainly in palettes of black, charcoal, mocha, grey, and white. 

Their clothes are slightly expensive.


Best Minimalist Clothing Brands for Women

AYR stands for All Year Round. Need we say more?

Their goal is to design seasonless essentials for everyday life that make you feel comfortable and confident, season after season. The clothes are classic and at the same time inspire a kind of empowering ease, because women feel confident and can be themselves in these pieces, whatever they’re doing in them.

The clothing items are pricey, but they will surely last a long time. 


Best Minimalist Clothing Brands for Women

Vetta has one goal, and it’s to create capsule wardrobe essentials. It’s an America-based brand that has thoughtfulness in every detail, including the materials used (organic cotton and linen) in the design process.

What first struck us in Vetta’s website was the already built capsule options. You can shop by item or by capsule, and within the capsule category, there are several categories, from the polished capsule to casual capsule. This option allows you to see thirty different combinations of the 5 items that are part of each capsule, provides you with details about each piece, and allows you to buy the whole capsule at once. 

If you just can’t with the decision fatigue of getting dress, this might just be the wardrobe investment you need. You can also build your capsule; you can mix and match different pieces you like and make your palettes. 

Despite its varying styles, Vetta’s capsules are extremely sophisticated, chic, and scream confidence and grace.

Although it might not be at the reach of everyone, Vetta’s capsules aren’t too costly. 

Lou & Grey 

Best Minimalist Clothing Brands for Women

Lou & Grey is an American active wear-centric brand focused on how the fabric feels – softness, coziness, silkiness, fuzziness, etc. The brand mixes style and comfort for a line full of pieces that are suitable both for the work environment, social events, and lazy days. 

Lou & Grey’s pieces are very high quality, but also quite expensive.

Study New York

Best Minimalist Clothing Brands for Women

Study NY doesn’t follow the standard season-by-season calendar maintained by the fashion business and instead creates sustainable clothing made locally and ethically. Study NY cuts & sews collections domestically using both ethical fabrics and production methods. They promote slow fashion, fair wages, and zero waste.

Their pieces are unique – they’re avant-garde and elegant, but comfortable and lovely. They’re also very expensive. 

Celtic & Co.

Best Minimalist Clothing Brands for Women

This brand started almost 30 years ago in England, and it creates knitwear, footwear, and outerwear in classic designs from natural materials that are environmentally friendly and lovely to wear. Celtic & Co. focuses on making clothes that you’ll reuse every year. 

Their clothing pieces are, however, pricey. 


Best Minimalist Clothing Brands for Women

DL1961 is a sustainable clothing brand focused on minimalist pieces made with eco-friendly materials. In fact, this brand is so invested in sustainability that an average pair of DL1961 jeans uses 8 gallons of water, whereas the average pair of jeans uses about 1500 gallons. 

Denim items from DL1961 are their staples, but they offer more than denim: from tops to overalls, the palettes are neutral and the design of the pieces is very light and appealing. The pieces are, however, high-priced. 

Two Fold Clothing 

Best Minimalist Clothing Brands for Women

Two Fold stands for two things: environmental and social consciousness. This brand is a small batch clothing label made in North Carolina. All of the clothing is made to order, created in house, and released in capsule collections twice a year as opposed to the continual release cycle to ensure quality over quantity.

Two Fold clothing pieces are minimal, based on neutral palettes and have very simple designs. They’re ideal for combining different items into outfits that are adequate for every social occasion. 

It’s a very expensive brand due to its production method. 

Universal Standard

Best Minimalist Clothing Brands for Women

Universal Standard is an American brand that shares an important but often dismissed message: style has no size. Their pieces range from size 00 to 40, which means that everyone can shop the basics-based collection. 

The pieces are mostly casual and chic – great to ear for work – and sporty – leggings and zip jackets. 

The pieces are a bit pricey. 


Best Minimalist Clothing Brands for Women

Theory is yet another brand that refuses to engage in fast fashion. Founded in 1997, in New York, long before the emergence of the minimalist movement, Theory offers basic items like jeans, pants, polos, and sweaters centered on simplicity. 

This brand may not be ideal to be an introduction to minimalism since their staples are sold at high prices, but they are definitely worth the attention. 


Best Minimalist Clothing Brands for Women

Cuyana is a brand that creates timeless collections for the modern woman through carefully selected fabrics, precise silhouettes and attention to detail.

The idea is for customers to purchase fewer, better quality pieces that they will love and treasure for years to come. With each item, the designers wisely reflect on the materials and production processes for a greater impact on customers’ wardrobes and a smaller impact on the environment.

Their clothing is grounded on light palettes and simple designs. However, it might not be a good brand to start with since the prices are quite high.


Best Minimalist Clothing Brands for Women

Encircled stands on three pillars: style articulated with comfort, responsibility, and sustainability. 

Their clothing pieces are functional and minimalist. Most of their staples can be worn in different ways, which is excellent news for minimalists. Their choice of fabrics makes garments last longer, which justifies the high prices of their clothes.

Lindsay Robinson

Best Minimalist Clothing Brands for Women

Lindsay Robinson is a textile designer with a background in traditional dyeing and weaving. She has a long-standing love affair with vintage jumpsuits and dresses.

Her aesthetic is very creative and, above all, very connected to nature. Her pieces are mainly jumpsuits, easy-moving dresses, and light blouses, all characterized by minimalist ideas.


Best Minimalist Clothing Brands for Women

Launched in 2017 by husband and wife team Amy and Leo Voloshin, Voloshin womenswear combines the visual interest of bohemian design with finely curated, hand-printed natural fibers and traditional hand embroidery.

Founded on the principles of integrity, sustainability, respectful design practices, and care, Voloshin strives to make clothes that feel as good ethically as they look aesthetically.

From dresses to one-piece suits, Voloshin’s staples are very bright and vibrant, yet, simple. They’re beautiful pieces of clothing, however, they’re quite expensive. 


Best Minimalist Clothing Brands for Women

Egyptian cotton is at the center of KOTN. KOTN aims to create a high-quality but reasonably priced essentials. The cotton used is both grown and manufactured into a tee all while working with locals, in Egypt, who found themselves struggling to make ends meet when big corporations started to go for cheaper options.

KOTN provides us with basic clothes in neutral palettes that are ideal for every daily situation for their loveliness and comfort.

KOTN’s price range is wide – their pieces of clothing go from cheap to more expensive. 

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