Minimalistic Capsule Wardrobe – How to Successfully Create Your Own

It’s not unknown that organizing a wardrobe can be annoying, especially if you have way more clothes than you need. When you have those giant piles of clothes, it’s hard to decide what to wear. Did you ever catch yourself in a situation where you have a bunch of clothes, but you still can’t come up with a good combination? And then, as a result, you wear the same few pieces and combinations, even though your wardrobe is full. 

Imagine being late for work or school. You need to get ready quickly. When you open your wardrobe, you see a pile of clothes. Yet, it seems like you have nothing to wear. You give up from the search for the new combination. Just take the first pieces you see and put them on. Nothing new there, right? Well, this happens a lot. In order to avoid these types of problems, people came up with the amazing idea of a minimalistic capsule wardrobe.

What is Minimalistic Capsule Wardrobe?

If you are still unsure of what it is, here is a short explanation: 

The minimalist capsule wardrobe is a type of wardrobe that contains only the essentials. Several clothing items you use regularly, and that’s it!

The whole idea is made up for easier organization of your clothes throughout the seasons. This way, you won’t spend hours and hours in front of your full wardrobe, not knowing what to wear. You will also need less shopping since you need to limit the number of items in your collection. Never mind your style, you can easily build your minimalistic wardrobe. There are a couple of ways you can divide minimalist fashion (for example French minimalism). That’s why there is something for everyone, and it never gets boring!

minimalistic capsule wardrobe

This seems pretty convenient, doesn’t it? 

To explain the idea of the minimalistic capsule wardrobe better, we will first answer some frequent questions. So, let’s start!

How many clothes should be in my minimalistic capsule wardrobe? 

Well, that’s hard to tell because it’s up to you. You can try with 20-50 clothing items at first. Take your time, see if that fits you. Fill the wardrobe with pieces and materials you love to wear.

limited minimalistic capsule wardrobe

It’s important to say that you must reduce the number of items in your wardrobe as much as possible. Make sure that every item has its purpose. Avoid buying a bunch of trendy pieces you can only wear for one season, Try buying quality items that can last for years. That’s always a better option. You can find some pretty useful ideas here

What is considered to be a capsule wardrobe? 

This would be a wardrobe that contains only the things you will wear and love. It will help you reduce the number of items in your closet, and make your life easier. The items that are in the wardrobe are a good match, and you won’t have to spend much time getting ready. Isn’t that amazing? 

How do I build a capsule wardrobe? 

First of all, think about the things that will find a place in your wardrobe. Make sure you need these items. You might want to get rid of all the clothes you don’t wear (don’t just throw it away, there’s always a charity nearby). Or you might want to get rid of the clothes that lay in your closet for years. If you don’t wear them now, why would you save them for later? Buy only the items that you will use. Don’t buy something you know you won’t wear only because everyone has it. Keep up with your tyle!

Also, when buying new clothes, be sure that the colors match. You need things that will go together in different combinations. That’s how you’ll pull them off better. Also, when the colors match – you can easily wash your clothes together. Just make sure the materials can go to the washing machine together. Take your time and consider everything before deciding about it. However, there are no strict rules for building your minimalistic wardrobe. Feel free to do anything you like!

Are capsule wardrobes realistic?

Of course, they are! Once you get used to this, you’ll see all the benefits it gives you. It might be hard to believe that you’ll be more satisfied with fewer items. However, the organization is the key. If this is too hard to believe, let’s take an example!

The example of a minimalist wardrobe for men

We’ll set our first example on a men’s minimalist wardrobe

First, let’s discuss the purpose of the clothes you have. If you work, you need some formal clothes. You also need something casual for every day. The next thing we need to put focus on is colors. Neutral colors are always the best option. Black, navy blue, gray, brown…you can’t be wrong with those! They are also a great backdrop for any bright color you want to add. Let’s say the number of items we can put in our minimalist wardrobe is 30. For example, I would go with this:

  • 8 pairs of underwear and 8 pairs of socks
  • 8 tops (turtlenecks, shirts, polo shirts, button-ups, whatever you like)
  • 2 pants (dark jeans for casual, and black formal pants)
  • 2 jackets (one for every day, another one for formal occasions)
  • Shoes, 2 pairs should do (sneakers for every day, and something formal for other occasions)
minimalistic capsule wardrobe for men

However, it’s important to match the colors. That’s how you’ll make sure you can combine clothes with no trouble. If you decide to add something bright and colorful, it won’t look as if you don’t have style. Think about it! 

The example of a minimalistic wardrobe for women

Another example would be a minimalistic wardrobe capsule for women. People usually say that women are shopping way more than they should. However, no judging here! They might or might not overshop, who would know? In any case, here’s something I’d do to create a perfect minimalistic wardrobe for women. The rules about the colors are pretty much the same. There should be some basic colors everyone should stick to. Black, brown, white, gray…. It’s easy to add some other colors when needed. Let’s say that the number of items is limited to 40. I’d go with this:

  • 8 pairs of underwear and 8 pairs of socks again
  • It’s said that a little black dress is a must-have, so I’d add that one as well
  • 8 tops (t-shirts, shirts, button-ups, sweaters, turtlenecks, whatever you like)
  • 3 pants (classic jeans, black jeans, and some formal pants)
  • A skirt is also welcome in almost every woman’s wardrobe. I’d go with a black one.
  • High heels, 2 pairs ( open-toed and closed-toed)
  • 2 pairs of shoes (sneakers and formal shoes)
  • 2 jackets (one for every day- maybe a leather one, one for formal occasions)
  • A coat (for cold weather) 
  • 2 bags (a large to fit many things into it, a small one for the night out, and the special occasions) 
  • A tank bodysuit
  • And of course- sunglasses. To lift the whole look.
minimalistic capsule wardrobe for women

It makes sense, right? If you think about all the combinations you can pull off without any trouble, you’ll see how great the idea actually is.


Every one of us must have been in a situation where we buy unnecessary things because we think we need them. It’s not about the number of items we’ll add to our closet. It’s all about how we can use them. If you think about all the stuff in your closet you didn’t wear for years, this becomes clearer. You probably have some stuff you never actually wore! However, the minimalistic capsule wardrobe is a great idea if you want to work on your organization. It will save you time and money. Who doesn’t want that nowadays? Therefore, consider the idea and try building your wardrobe. You will surely see how easier life gets. Good luck! 

Inês Morais

Inês Morais is a content writer, proofreader, and a literary criticist. She studied linguistics, literature, and majored in North-American Studies. Inês is a lover of words and of the minimalist lifestyle.

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